Secrets to Successful Glass Etching

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Secrets to Successful Glass Etching

$13 Total for Etching Cream and Glass Platter!

I tried my hand at glass etching recently and finally after messing up a couple of old glass dishes, I perfected the technique.  Here's my magic recipe for No Fail Glass Etching...

First of all, I got this platter for $4.94 at Wal-mart and I got a bottle of Armour Etching Cream for $8 from Hobby Lobby.  You need to cut a pattern from vinyl or contact paper, which I already had at home.  I used my Silhouette Cameo cutter but you can easily print off a name/monogram from your computer and then cut it out using an exacto knife by tracing the letter out of contact paper.  Use the "negative space" as your pattern.

Make sure you seal all the edges of your letter when you place it on the glass.  The above "E" got really bubbly but I managed to smooth it  and seal it along the letters edges and it turned out fine.

A few SECRET things to make your glass etching successful:

  1. Pile on the Etching Cream... so thick you feel wasteful... so thick you can't see through it at all!
  2. I used a q-tip to apply the etching cream because it covers thicker and it's easy clean up.
  3. Wear gloves.
  4. Leave the etching cream on for an hour...10-20 mins doesn't work!!!
  5. I leaned my casserole dishes on their sides in my kitchen sink, to keep the cream from running.
  6. After an hour, rinse off the cream (with your gloves on).
  7. Peel away the vinyl.
  8. Wash well before using.

I made the dish and tray (below) for my friends.  It made a great gift! 

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  1. You need to quit all these silhouette projects! I am finding it hard to resist the urge to go pick one up! ;-) I love this idea for casserole dishes, especially with all the potluck meals we have!

  2. Cute idea. Im ur newest follower.

    Jennifer@ decorated chaos

  3. Great idea and it looks good in your tray :) Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  4. I LOVE your Blog and I am going to do this to make some plates for my Thankgiving table using dollar store glass plates!!!