Gretchen Armoire

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Gretchen Armoire


I didn't take any :(  You know the moment when you start painting a piece of furniture and realize only after taking it completely apart or sanding it down, that you forgot to take a before pic?  Due to my excitement over getting started on the thing, I just forgot completely!!! So I need you to use your imagination on this one.  

Please picture a very ugly armoire with...

*cloth covered doors (with 3 layers of fabric on them)
*terrible patina style paint job
*maroon interior
*back panel coming off the armoire
*and a price tag of $50 for the beast
*a husband asking me why I'm buying it because it's truly ugly and he can't imagine it any other way


This is a photo of the finished armoire in the shop at Amity Pottery.  
I'm still staging things and getting things ready for the grand opening.

 I installed chicken wire where the fabric covered panels were previously on the doors.  The fabric had been covered 3 times so there were a LOT of staples and it was messed up pretty bad.  Chicken wire is a little tricky to work with.  Give yourself a little time to let it flatten out before you try to cut it.  I used a piece of plywood to keep it flat for a day before I started working with it.

 I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on this piece... "Old White" on the outside and "Coco" under the distressing and on the inside of the armoire.

Before painting a piece of furniture, I visualize it in my own home.  I do not enjoy refinishing pieces unless I have a certain place for them and a plan for them.  I sometimes HATE to give things up and this was definitely one of those times.  If it doesn't sell, I have the perfect place for it upstairs.  My husband fell in love with this piece too and didn't want me to sell it.  I love it when that happens.  It is for sale... by the way... at Amity Pottery.

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Grand Opening

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Grand Opening - Amity Pottery, Collierville

I'm very excited to announce that my furniture and paintings will be featured and sold at "Amity Pottery" in Collierville, TN.  The shop is located on Main St. in the Town Square.  Amity Pottery is owned by Melissa Mills, a local pottery artist who is BEYOND talented.  Her one of a kind pottery is truly amazing.  She offers pottery classes along with a beautiful retail store featuring local artists and talents.
The Grand Opening will be December 1, 2012.
Here are a few examples of email questions I've had recently from my readers...
I've been a very busy girl!
I've been juggling several jobs all at once while trying to maintain my health and family's well-being.  I've been working as Costume Director for Alice in Wonderland, Jr.  It's a volunteer position but it's been full-time work for the past few weeks.  The play debuts this weekend so things will slow down a lot after that.

Along with being Costume Director,  I've also been getting items ready for the Grand Opening.  I've painted a few larger pieces of furniture and will be posting them on the blog soon.

Over the past few weeks, I have kept the BLOG going strong in my mind.  I have been taking lots of photos of recipes, costumes, decor and furniture projects... in order to post them on the blog LATER!  I love blogging, it tops the list of favorite hobbies in my life.  I love the people and friends I have met over the past 8 months.  I hope that answers your very sweet questions and concerns.  Thank you for viewing my blog and for encouraging me daily.  I love all of you!

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