3 Hour Sewing Project

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I made these window panels this week.  I went to the fabric store at 10:30am.  I returned home and began working on these at 11:30am.  I finished the entire project at 2:30pm!

My curtain rod was already installed with rings and clips.  If you do not have the rod installed, I would do this before beginning your project so you can make your window panels the exact length they need to be.

First of all, you need to decide the size of your panels.  It's a good rule of thumb to measure the width of your window and multiply by 1.5 for the fabric width measurement.  Next, decide if you want your panels to "puddle" or "skim" the floor.  I wanted my panels to barely graze the floor.  So, this was my method for making these panels...

In order to find your height measurement for panels that barely graze the floor - 
measure window area from the floor to the clip hanging from curtain rod, then add an inch.  
Mine measured 86"- then I added an inch for seam allowance giving me a height measurement of 87"

Next, I used the width of my fabric panel, which after cutting away salvage edge, was 54".

My windows required 10.5 yards of fabric and 10 yards of lining.  The reason I bought more of the printed fabric was because my fabric had a repeat pattern and I wanted the pattern to start and end at the same place on each panel.  If you are purchasing a repeat pattern fabric, you may need a full yard of additional fabric, it just depends on the size of your repeat area.

So, I made the following cuts...

Cut 4 panels of Fabric measuring 87" x 54" 
(I made sure my pattern began at the same exact place for each cut)
Cut 4 panels of Fabric Lining measuring 87" x 54"

With right sides facing each other, 
sew the lining and panel together along the sides 
and then trim the salvage edge.

Turn right side out. 
Turn top and bottom edges in 1/2 inch and press with hot iron.
Sew a top-stitch edge around the entire panel.
Press entire panel with a hot iron or hang and steam out wrinkles. 

Attach the panels to clip rings (evenly spaced across top) and hang on the rod.

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Best Cheesecake Ever

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Count Your Blessings

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I just wanted to share this little chalkboard art that I created this week.
"Count Your Blessings" was always one of my favorite songs when I was a little girl.
I still love this song and it now pops into my head 
each time I walk through the living room and see this chalkboard.

You might remember this from last year.  
I created a birthday chalkboard for my daughter's 13th birthday. 
Click on the photo above to go to that post. 

I repainted the frame with "ASCP Old White".

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Hemp Oil - Reviving a Farm Table

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Hemp Oil is amazing stuff! 
It is one of my favorite ways to finish painted furniture projects.  
I learned about this product at a Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Class earlier this year.  
I took the class at Me & Mrs. Jones, a great little shop and workshop that carries everything from stencil supplies to milk and chalk paint, plus offers a variety of technique classes.  
The gals over there are some of my favorite people and I highly recommend you check them out!  Here's a link to their website...

As much as I love Hemp Oil as a finisher, I still find that I love Annie Sloan Wax as well.  
There are great benefits to each of these products.  
I keep both in my workshop and decide on which to use according to the 
finish I'm striving for and the amount of cure time needed.  
Hemp oil requires about 30 days to completely cure.  
It has a bit of an oily touch prior to the 30 days.


I love my kitchen farm table!  
We had it custom built a couple years ago.  
It fits the space in my kitchen perfectly.  
We found some great wooden chairs with fabric seats that I easily recovered.  
I bought a couple of parson chairs from a friend that I use at the head of the table.  
I made custom slip covers using a heavy ticking upholstery fabric.  
This ensemble is my favorite furniture in our house!


I initially used a poly-protectant on the wood but it has worn off... as you can see.   
This table is the one my family always use for meals, homework, projects, etc.  
It was starting to look really bad so I decided to treat it with a little hemp oil.

This project took me less than 30 minutes.  
I simply used a chip brush (that I threw away afterwards) and painted out of a plastic bowl of hemp oil. I thoroughly saturated the wood as I painted and let it sit for 15 minutes, 
then I took cheesecloth and absorbed up the excess oil.  
It took a solid 3 weeks to cure but we were able to use the table after 48 hours.  
It had a bit of an oily feel for those 3 weeks but it didn't get onto clothing or anything like that.  
It changed the whole appearance of my table and made me love it even more.  
The wood looks new and beautiful again.

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