Beadboard Wall

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The walls in our living room are 25 feet high.  Meaning that the wall behind our sofa has always seemed a little empty and blank.  There's not a lot you can do with a 25 foot wall!  After 7 years in this house, I finally got an idea for that space.  Why not put up beadboard with a shelf?  It would break up the wall height and allow me to hang and lean things on the shelf, plus it would give me the chance to bridge my decor with that ceiling, a goal for all of this was to make the room cozier.  We already had experience installing beadboard from our half bath remodel project and we even had some leftover paneling in the garage.  So, on our first available Saturday, we tackled the project.

Using liquid nails, a miter saw and my precious nail gun, the project moved rather quickly.

Steve created a shelf with scrap wood and some trim pieces.  He's so handy to have around.

 After a little caulk and paint, the wall was finished.

It's a pretty cool focal point for the room and I love the way it looks with the plank wall.

For decor, I used a farm window from my recent garage sale find… got it for $5.
The photographs are from our trip to Europe this summer.
I used modge podge to create a canvas look from regular photos.
The jar is an apple cider jar from Fresh Market and the greenery is from a magnolia tree in my yard.
I painted the ball mason jars with chalk paint to add a pop of color.

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  1. Wow, this changed the whole room! I love what you did and I love how your pillows and the colors of the pictures on the ledge really contrast. Awesome re-do, you should be so proud!!!

    1. Thank you! It's really nice to have a husband who loves these rehab projects almost as much as I do. Thanks for all of your sweet comments and encouragement.