DIY Note Writing Station

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DIY Note Writing Station

Meet my new “Note Writing Station” complete with everything needed to quickly and easily write a thank you card or note this holiday season. I rehabbed this old, antique bread box with a little paint and new hardware, turning it into a really cool desk accessory and conversation piece.  These old boxes can be located at antique stores, thrift shops and garage sales.  I bought mine for only a dollar!

This is what the bread box looked like BEFORE...

and this is what it looks like AFTER...

Here are the DIY steps to make a Note Writing Station...

<<<<< Step 1 >>>>>
Apply 2 coats of paint. 
I chose “Duck Egg” in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
I love to use chalk paint because there’s no prep work involved.  
I applied it directly to the finished wood.  It required only two coats.

<<<<< Step 2 >>>>>
Apply clear wax using a chip brush.
After applying an extremely thin layer of wax, I rubbed it in with an old t-shirt rag.

<<<<< Step 3 >>>>>
Distress using sand paper.
I distressed the sides and edges, areas that would naturally wear the most.

<<<<< Step 4 >>>>>
Apply a light layer of clear wax to the sanded areas.

<<<<< Step 5 >>>>>
Very lightly, brush on a small amount 
of dark wax over all distressed areas.
Use a chip brush for this application followed by a rub-in with an old t-shirt rag.
If you apply too much dark wax, simply use your sand paper to scuff it off.

<<<<< Step 6 >>>>>
After wax has dried, apply another clear coat of wax 
over the dark-waxed areas and rub it in.

Now it’s time to turn that adorable bread box into a Note Writing Station...

<<<<< Step 7 >>>>>
Gather note-writing supplies. 

***Disclosure:  I was compensated with free address labels and note cards for this project by Tiny Prints.  The opinions expressed are my honest opinions and were not swayed by this free product. I have been a Tiny Prints customer for many years.
You can read more about my Disclosure policy here.***

I included fun colored pens, postage stamps, an address stamp, address stickers and various note cards in my box.  The thank you notes and address labels are from Tiny PrintsThey have a huge selection of personalized stationery, address stamps and much more.  Your personal stationery should make a statement about you so choose what you like for your Note Writing Station!

When was the last time you wrote a note, by hand, and mailed it to someone? 
A recent British survey revealed that the average time since an adult wrote anything at all by hand was 41 days!  In today's world, does it require too much of our time to sit down and jot a note to a friend when we can just as quickly text or email our regards and check it off of our to-do list?  

Handwritten notes are powerful.  They reveal so much about the person sending them.  Writing a note by hand immediately marks you as a thoughtful, detail-oriented, conscientious person.  They cost something, mean something, and become an item that can be saved or kept. A handwritten note carries more impact than ever before because it has become so rare.  Did you know that there are actual companies that specialize in handwriting notes FOR YOU? All you have to do is type or text the message to them and their promise is that your recipient will never know the difference. This new trend is a reminder to me of my sweet grandmother who wrote me a note each and every week during my 4 years of college.  Her simple cards always arrived at the end of each week.  I can still picture the ivory envelope with my address written in her precious handwriting and the simple note inside which she always ended with

"I love you, Sweetie Pie". 

I think that even after all these years, I could pick her handwriting out from 100 samples.  How precious that is to me!  

So, here's a challenge to you and to me… Be more thoughtful and thankful this holiday season. Keep the spirit of thankfulness beyond Thanksgiving and into the New Year.  Drop a note of gratitude for the many things that friends and family will do for you in the coming weeks.  A short note of thanks for a party invite, for a gift or treat lets others know you are a thankful and conscientious person.  Everyone loves receiving mail.  Just think of all the days you will brighten with your notes!

You’ve got mail.

Happy note writing!

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  1. Cute idea. I'm going to resolve to write more handwritten notes this year....your right, there is nothing more heart warming or nostalgic than receiving one!