Resolution Notebook Monthly Goals

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Resolution Notebook - 

I'm trying something different this year…
I have NO New Year Resolutions.
I'm making MONTHLY Resolutions instead.
Every year, I end up discouraged because by the end of January, I have messed up on at least one of my goals and therefore I've failed the entire "Resolution" thing.  This year I am going to reset my goals at the beginning of each month.  I will evaluate my list and adjust accordingly. My biggest goal this year involves organization (on many levels) so in an attempt to begin this great feat, I am making a 
that is full of calendars, printables and planners.  This is the first printable, a monthly goal sheet.

This first printable comes in several color variations, as you can see below.  
Just click on the image to download it for free.  

The way I am using this sheet...
"WORK" section includes goals for my blog.  I want to improve in social media and photography.
"HOME" section has a list of goals involving specific organization with bills, kids activities, etc.
The "PERSONAL" corner holds my list of health goals for clean eating and exercise.
The "SPIRITUAL" section is where I have listed specific Bible reading and prayer goals.
 I plan on re-evaluating my goals at the beginning of each month and re-listing my goals accordingly.
Click on a goal sheet (below) to download...

and here's a blank one… just in case you need it.

A sneak peek - the next free printable…

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Chicken Pot Pie Soup

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I don't know about you but I love Chicken Pot Pie!
My family shares my love for this comfort food and my two daughters request it often.  With all those requests, I still rarely make this dish because it is so fattening.
Each Fall, I make lots of soups and stews.  
Soups are one of my favorite things about cold weather season.  
So, I decided to play around with my favorite chicken pot pie recipe 
and make it a little healthier. (READ MORE)
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Christmas Chalkboard Tutorial

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Perhaps it stems from my previous career 
as an Elementary School Teacher, I'm not exactly sure.
This I know, I love chalk and chalkboards and I always have...
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