Summer Camp Packing List

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Here's a THROWBACK THURSDAY for you.  
This is one of my MOST POPULAR PINS on Pinterest.  

It's a Summer Camp Packing List and it's my "Go To" every summer.  When I first created this list, my girls were 10 and 12 years old.  Now they are 13 and 15 but the list still works and it works for all kinds of different trips and retreats.  I hope it helps you too!

Here's a link to the ORIGINAL CAMP POST with ideas about storage and packing too.

Here's a link to the PRINTABLE below.  Happy Packing!

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Monogrammed Electronics

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I got this crazy notion to put my monogram on EVERYTHING this week.

Monogrammed Mac Book

Let me say that I love the silver on silver look!
I also LOVE this new font. (details below)

Monogrammed iPad

and Monogrammed iPhone

I added the monogram using my Silhouette Cameo.
I found this new font at this Etsy Store - Boutique Fonts.
The font is called 
"Interlocking Vine Monogram"  
(no kickbacks either, just telling you about another one of my favorite finds)

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Graduation Gift Idea

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Every year, I have a hard time finding GOOD graduation gifts.
Truthfully, I usually end up sticking money in a card.  
I'm always looking for something thoughtful and useful but not cheesy 
and I find NOTHING that fits that description!
This year, I am proud of my graduation gift idea.
It's a tool kit for a GIRL... and it's monogrammed!
This will be the perfect addition to a new apartment or dorm.  
I found it at Target for $45 but they have a smaller option (with less tools) for $20.
My sister got me a tool kit like this about 10 years ago and it was one of my favorite gifts of all time.  I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. 

I added the monogram using my Silhouette Cameo.
I found this new font at this Etsy Store - Boutique Fonts.
The font is called 
"Interlocking Vine Monogram"  
(no kickbacks either, just telling you about another one of my favorite finds)

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DIY Summer Cups with Silhouette Cameo

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Over the weekend, I made some monogrammed tumblers for my girls to use at the pool.  
We've already had our FIRST GLASS BREAKAGE of the season.  
Thankfully, it was not near the water but Eeeeeeks!  
Going forward, I'm hoping cute plastic cups will motivate my kids to ONLY carry these outside.

I got the tumblers at The Dollar Tree, they were 4 for $1 
and I bought stemless glasses at Target, they were 4 for $10.  

Which one is your favorite? I think the crab is the best but they're all pretty cute.

I could have just shared these photos along with a few design links but instead, I'm going to walk you through the computer design process - in case you are fairly new to the Silhouette Cameo (SC).

FIRST OF ALL - I am not getting any kickbacks, rewards, or anything else for this post!  I'm just sharing some of my new favorite finds with you.

Recently, I upgraded to Silhouette Designer Edition (SDE) and I really like it.  

It is super easy to use.   
You can download any SVG file (and other formats as well) and just open them directly into the program and send it off (to the SC) to be cut it into vinyl, paper or whatever else your heart fancies!  

Since I had upgraded to SDE, I was able to 
purchase all my designs in SVG format, saving me tons of time in my Silhouette program.
I could have done this without Designer Edition, making my own files from JPEGs and then using the trace function, but that is a very frustrating process (to me), and these designs were already made and super CUTE and cheap!

These are my 3 favorite SVG designers on ETSY:

Bibberberry - this is where I got the crab, anchor and whale

Cuttable Designs - this is where I got the turtle, bowtie, anchor, guitar, Tennessee and circle curl font

Monogramix - 2 and 3 letter circle monogram fonts

Let's get started on the computer.

First of all, purchase your design then start/open a 'new file' on your Silhouette program.


Go to the 'downloads' folder

Choose the name of the design.  My design (for this tutorial) is 'WhaleMonogram'

Choose 'SVG' for the file type.

This opens the file in your Silhouette program. Now, it's time to add the monogram.

(You can skip this step if you just want to use text from your silhouette program)

If you want to use a downloaded font design, begin by clicking on 'open' and go to your 'downloads' folder, click on your font design.  I'm using ''.  
Again, click on 'SVG' file.

Now open each letter for the monogram.  
Right N.

Center S.

Left K.

Totally making up a monogram here, folks.  Time to merge the letters together.  Cut and paste the letters all into one window on your Silhouette program.

Select All, Group and then Copy

Paste the grouped monogram onto your whale design page.

Resize the monogram to fit into the whale circle.

Adjust as needed.

Don't group them yet. 
Go to the 'cut style' tab - it looks like a pair of scissors cutting a red line.

Click 'cut edge' and the edge of the whale will turn to red.

Next, click on the monogram circle and then click 'cut edge'

and then the monogram edge will also turn red.

Now, it's time to group them so 'select all', then 'group'

Now, it's time to resize your image - according to where you are placing it.
On the cups, I kept my images less than 3 inches - square.

These are my settings for cutting vinyl.  I used 'silhouette vinyl' setting with speed setting of '8' and thickness setting of '9'.  My blade was on '1'.

ANOTHER NEW FIND:  I had to purchase Cricut transfer tape recently because the store was out of my usual, Silhouette brand transfer paper.  I was not happy to have to try something new but I'm so glad I had to try this product.  It is fantastic!  In case you don't know, the Silhouette transfer paper is off white with a red grid but the Cricut tape is clear with a gray grid, the clear tape is so much easier to use because you can see exactly where you are placing everything.  It makes sense, right?

Finally, here are a few more of my favorite cups...

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