Where have you been, my dear?

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I'm baaaaaack.

The blog feels a bit neglected and I don't really blame her!
While working on some posts this morning, I noticed that she was not cooperating.  Photos would not load, there was a slight delay in my text as it appeared on screen and I kept getting error messages.  So, either my mac needs to have a service appointment or my blog is telling me her feelings are hurt. I'm going with the less expensive of the two!
She's not the only one that's been asking, "Where have you been?"

Drumroll, please.
I've been...

Watching Fixer Upper - my favorite show, second only to Walking Dead


Painting the inside of my nose

Taking SELFIES like a BOSS

Snuggling with Cocoa

Protecting my immune system

Eating again

Being a pain in the butt

Perfecting Banana Pudding

Teaching my daughter how to drive

...and how to pump gas.

Perfecting my new role as a Rocker Mom

Dressing Cocoa

Looking for a new puppy companion for Cocoa

Becoming a carpenter bee slayer (in defense of my arbor)

ALSO, I've been busy with a few BIG projects! 
I currently have an ongoing two page list of things to post on the blog.  
I've been busy with design, paint and furniture along with a little cooking, on the side.  
I can't wait to show you what I've been up to! 
Stay tuned.

And sweet blog, will you forgive me?

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