Sideboard Rescue

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Sideboard Repurposed and Rescued


You know how sometimes a photograph can be deceiving?
This one takes the cake!  
This picture makes this sideboard look amazing and it isn't wasn't.
I bought it at a yard sale in October of 2012.
My husband begged me not to buy it.
It needed serious repair.  
Steve had to add braces and other hardware on the inside, just to keep it from caving in 
but I loved this piece of furniture from the time I saw it.  
I have no idea why, but it spoke to me.

It has been in my garage waiting for my love since 2012 and then I was given an ultimatum.
I had to do something with this piece of furniture or it was going to the dump, via Steve.

First thing, I stripped the top to expose the beautiful wood underneath.

Look at these lovely bail pulls, two of which I was missing. 
 I looked at salvage stores.  I looked online.  I searched forever but I couldn't find any like them.  
I LOVE this hardware and it breaks my heart that I can't use it.
I found another type of bail pull... a simple, ordinary pull and ordered two of them.

I removed the old, beautiful hardware and sanded the edges, roughing it up a bit.

I mixed 2 tablespoons of Annie Sloan Dark Wax with 1/4 cup of mineral spirits.


and then wiped it away, with a paper towel.
Important to note that I have on GLOVES here.  Very important!

Below, this is what I was left with.  Lovely.

The residual wax piled into all the grooves and distressed areas.  
It looked dirty and old and gorgeous!

Next step, I applied a dark stain to the top of the sideboard.  
This color is "KONA" by Rust-oleum.

And now for my replacement hardware.
I know, I know.  I will continue to search for the old, originals until the day I die but for now...

And this is how it looks in my living room with Downton Abby on the screen.

It has a TON of character, in my humble opinion.  
It's old and it has a story.  
Someday, when I restore all the original style hardware, 
it will be a true beauty but for now, I think it's quite nice.

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