Happy Mother's Day

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In a few hours it will be Mother's Day in Tamil Nadu, India.
 Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Today, like so many other Mother's Days, 
my Mom is on the other side of the world,
being the best Mom and Grandmother to hundreds of orphaned children.  
"Patti" - they call her.
"Patti" is the Tamil word for grandmother.  
She is Grandmother Patti to hundreds in India
and Nana to seven children in the states...
Natalie, Raegan, Isabella, Sophia, Jackson, Ava and Felicity!

I wanted to share some photos of just my Mom (Nana) on this post, 
but it's hard to find any that don't have grandchildren or Dad in them!  
When you do find a rare photograph of "just mom", 
she's never looking at the camera, she's always smiling at someone else.  
Apparently, my Mom never takes SELFIES!

Reading to Natalie and Raegan 2003
Taking Jackson for a ride in the wagon
Kissing Raegan
Holding Natalie
Newborn Raegan, Natalie, Mom and Me
Newborn Natalie
Newborn Felicity
Sophia, Nana and Ava in the rain at Tweetsie
Nana and Isabella
Nana and Ava

My Mom is not only the best Patti and Nana in the world but she's also the best MOM in the world!
She taught me many valuable lessons growing up.  
I knew without hesitation that the most important things to my Mom are and always were...
1. Pleasing God 
2. Being a good wife and mother
The Power Couple
There were so many things that I learned from her when I was younger.. 
She's the reason I make up my bed first thing every single morning.  
She's the reason I can recite the famous "Once a task has been begun..." rhyme.  
She's the reason I love to cook.
She's the reason I know how to sew.  
She's the reason I feel comfortable teaching children's Bible classes.  
She's the reason for so many more things...

If I need my Mom, I just pick up the phone and call her. 
(Even though she HATES to talk on the phone - I get it honest) 
She has usually been through whatever I'm dealing with and she sympathizes.  
Her advice is always priceless.  

I always know that she will be HERE, if I need her, even if she's on the other side of the world.  
All I have to do is ask.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
Thank you for being the best!
I love you.

And just for kicks, I had to include the photo below because it totally rocks.  
It's Dad with HAIR and Mom in a HEART SWEATER!
...and let me apologize for the pinterest tags on each photo.  My blog is automatically set up for furniture and projects that I want people to pin... and I can't remember how to undo that particular setting.  Please don't PIN all these pics of my awesome Mom.  She would die!

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