Once a task has been begun...

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Once a task has been begun...

EVERY SINGLE TIME I start a project (which is daily, I might add) this little poem pops into my head! My sweet mom used to recite this to me as a child and she must have said it a million times... if she said it once.  It's a poem that she learned from my grandmother and who knows where my grandmother learned it... probably from her mother.  I decided to make myself a little wooden sign to go over my desk (in my messy art studio) that reminds me of the poem.

Here's a free printable for you (but continue scrolling down so you can see how my wooden sign turned out!)...
Click here to download printable.

And here's my cute little mom...

She is LITTLE... but she's an accomplished woman!  I've never seen anyone accomplish what my little mom does!  Maybe it's the poem ;)

And here's my sweet little sign (measuring 36 inches wide).  I haven't hung it over my desk yet.  Hey, who says I take the poem literally?  I just recite it to myself but rarely am I able to finish every single thing I start, especially in one sitting!

As you can see (in the above pic), the paint isn't even dry yet!
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