How to remove dog nose gunk from windows

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How to remove DOG'S NOSE GUNK from windows...

Seriously!??!!? Isn't my little Cocoa the cutest doggie EVER?  I love that little weenie dog!

As cute and sweet as that little baby dog is... she's got the typical dog nose issue!  If you have a dog, you know what I'm talking about.  Everytime she looks out the window (which is every 5 minutes), she leaves a nice little nose print that resembles the slime from Ghostbusters.  All of the windows in our house go to the floor so this little weenie dog leaves a trail of dried slime at the bottom of all my windows!  The real issue is that I am lazy have a hard time getting that gunk to come off the windows.  I'm talkin' about the fact that I have tried all brands of window cleaner & they will not remove it.  I have scrubbed with soap, household cleaner, scrub brushes, rags, paper towels, etc, etc, etc... I finally always end up scraping it off with a razor blade.  But who wants to carry a razor around like some kind of crazy cutter?  And I'm just clumsy enough to lose a finger trying to scrape dog gunk off the windows... I'm just sayin'!  
I heard somewhere recently that vinegar was a great GREEN alternative to window cleaner and 
ding, ding, ding... lightbulb in my head... I got the idea to try it on the nose gunk.  
Here's the magic potion, better get a pen and paper cause it's really tricky...
 1 cup vinegar
1 cup water
put it into a spray bottle, spray & wipe

I cannot believe how easy this cleans the nose gunk!  I'm so excited about this discovery.  Plus my windows are so pretty, with no streaks.  I honestly think this is the best window cleaner I've ever used (by far).  The only downside is that my house smelled a little "PICKLED" for a couple of hours but I've read somewhere (probably Pinterest) that you can add slices of oranges and lemons to your vinegar and it makes it smell citrus-y.  Not sure how this would affect the window cleaner but I might try it... not before I do the other 1000 things that are on my Pinterest List though!

Here's another picture of Cocoa cause I know you just can't get enough of her...

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  1. Hi Nicole- YAY I already have some mixed up I use it on alot and now on my nose gunk x 2 lol
    your Coco is adorable.

    Loved the table redo in the last post btw