DIY Potholders Easy Tutorial

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DIY Potholders Easy Tutorial

I know what you're thinking...
Why bother making potholders when you can buy them at a gazillion stores and they're not even expensive?

Let me explain my reasons...
I have a curious mind.  Haha
I wondered what caused potholders to be "heat resistant"????????  
I googled it and learned all about Thermal Batting.
I never see any CUTE or STYLISH potholders so I decided to create some!

Here's what I did to make 2 potholders...
  • I cut 5 strips of gray chevron measuring 2" x 10"
  • I cut 5 strips of orange fabric measuring 2" x 10"
  • I sewed the strips together with printed sides facing each other
  • After sewing 5 panels together, I pressed open the seams on the back
  • Follow these same steps I sewed the remaining 5 strips of fabric

  • Then I measured the panels.  Mine measured 7.5" x 10".  
  •  I cut 4 pieces of thermal batting (measuring 7.5" x 10") 
  •  I cut 2 pieces of chevron gray (backing fabric) also measuring 7.5" x 10" 
  • Then I made a "sandwich" with my fabric squares...
The first piece of the sandwich that I placed on the table was the thermal batting - shiny side up
Then I placed the pieced fabric - printed side facing up
On top of that I placed the gray chevron piece of fabric with the printed side facing down 
(this way those two fabrics printed sides are facing each other)
Then I finished it off by placing another piece of Thermal Batting with shiny side down. 

  • Pin the "sandwich" together and sew around the edges leaving a 2 inch opening on one side (in the middle)
  • Trim the salvage edge and clip your corners creating a flat edge

  • Turn the fabric, through the opening and then use a ruler or pencil to push out the corners

  • Iron the potholders, folding the unstitched area to match the other seams.
  • Top stitch around the entire edge of the potholder, closing the opening in the process.

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  1. What kind of fabric did you use for this project? Is it a calico fabric, or something thicker/sturdier like a printed duck?