DIY Colored Chalkboard Tutorial

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DIY Chalkboard Tutorial

Buy some pre-cut plywood for $2.  I got mine at Lowes.

Paint the entire thing with ASCP, this will be your frame color.  
I used "Coco" for my frame background color.

Tape it off with paint tape.  I used frog tape.

Paint the inside with your chalkboard color.  I used ASCP "Provence".  Paint 3 coats.  Let dry between.  This only takes a few minutes, this paint dries FAST!

I used a stencil pattern that I got at Hobby Lobby along with ASCP "Old White" and a sponge brush.  Notice the taping is back on there.  After your center color dries, tape it off again so you have a nice straight edge along the border for your stencil.

After it was all stenciled, I added some of my own little swirls and strokes.  This makes a huge difference in how your border looks and anyone can do this... even if you have no artistic ability... trust me, it's very easy!

See how pretty the edge looks with all the added paint strokes?

Next, sand down your border (and your chalkboard if you want).  Distress it as much as you like just don't distress the chalkboard area.  Then take a piece of chalk and "PRIME" your chalkboard by covering the entire thing.

Just like this... the entire area is covered in chalk, then erase the chalk. I used a paper towel.  Now your chalkboard is all finished and ready to use!

Here's another board I made...

I also made this board using a different stencil and color combination for my friend's birthday gift.  This board is painted using "Provence" as the frame and "French Linen" as the board and stencil.

Here's another spin on this project...

For this board, I covered the chalkboard with a design.  I made this vinyl design on my Silhouette Cameo.  I used various Brocade designs along with swirls and leaves.
The background is painted ASCP "French Linen" and the stenciled area is "Old White"

I also added my own brush strokes to fill it all in.

 After the paint dried, I sanded it.

I taped it off and used a silver metallic paint as the frame.

I think this one turned out really cool but it's a little hard to read with white chalk so I used a black chalk pen.  I'm gonna have to play around with this one some more.  It's still really hard to read! Maybe I'll put another coat of the "french linen" just wash over it so it darkens.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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