DIY Camera Strap Tutorial

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DIY Camera Strap Tutorial

This is the simplest project yet.  
You can complete it in 30 minutes, easily!  
Just follow the steps in this tutorial...

First of all, measure the nylon thick portion of your camera strap (the area you want to cover)
Mine measured 19.5" x 1.75"
Please excuse the horrific paint splattered table (above)... it's my work table! What can I say!???!!!

Cut two strips of coordinating fabric.  My fabric strips measured 21.5" x 2.75".  As a conversion, just add  2 inches to your original length measurement and 1 inch to your width measurement.

Now turn under the ends of each strip and hem.  Then, turn them under again and hem.  I tried to keep my seam allowance very small on these hems.

With right sides of fabric FACING each other, sew the long sides of the fabric together (on both sides)

Next, cut the salvaged edge but don't cut too close to the seam.

Then turn the fabric right side out.

Slip your fabric over the old strap

Now sew a couple of "tack stitches" with your machine, right where the nylon meets the leather.  This will hold the strap cover in place but will not make it permanent so you can easily clip the stitch later and change out your strap in the future.

This is what the tack stitch looks like.

enjoy your stylish, new camera strap!

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  1. Yay! Great tutorial :) ill be making one this week.