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I used to pay my tailor $12 per pair of jeans for a "professional hem".
A "professional hem" means that the original hem is reattached to the jeans so that they keep their character, including any frayed edges, etc.  I figured out how to do this and I was shocked because it only took me 40 minutes to hem 4 pair of jeans.  I will never pay to have this done again.  
It's super easy!

It's not easy being short.
All of my jeans have to be hemmed and this is why...

First of all, turn up the bottom of jeans to the correct length.
Notice that I have on two different shoes because I am checking the length with the two shoes I will most likely wear with these jeans.

Take off the jeans and measure the cuffed part.

My measurement was 2.5 inches.
Now, divide that in half so my new measurement is 1.25 inches.

Repin the jeans at 1.25 inches, keeping the hem turned up (as shown).

Pin it all the way around on both jeans.

Remove the arm on sewing machine.

Sew along the edge of original hem (as shown above).

Then press into place.

If you leave the excess fabric (in case you want to let them out at a later date), 
tack the seams on the sides.

Or serge first and then trim the extra fabric away.  These makes a little less bulk.
Some prefer to leave the fabric, it's personal preference.

And this is what they look like all finished.

Here's a pair of the skinny jeans after...

It looks like the original hem, doesn't it?

Happy Hemming!

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