DIY Bow Tie

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Steve loves to wear bow ties.
I will admit that neither of us likes to tie them though.
He wears them when he can… 
on mornings when we have an additional 20 minutes for the YouTube BOW TIE TUTORIAL.
He owns a few nice store-bought ties.
I really wanted to try to make one because it seemed like 
it would be pretty easy and let me tell you, it was super easy!
I'll walk you through all the steps with photos so you can make one too.  

First of all, I found this cute red/white striped fabric at Hobby Lobby.
I used my coupon and got it 40% off.  You don't need much fabric, maybe a 1/2 yard.

I wanted my bow-tie to be cut on the diagonal so I laid it out that way before cutting.

I used my rotary cutter - using one of his ties as a pattern.  I cut it about 1/4 inch bigger than the tie.

You can use your own bow-tie as a pattern or you can use mine.  
The PDF pattern file can be downloaded here.
Cut 4 pieces. 
Please note that you will want to adjust the length of your tie for your neck.

Cut 2 pieces of fusible interfacing from the pattern.
Iron the interfacing to the back of two pieces.

Then make a fabric sandwich -
layer 1 - interfacing
layer 2 - fabric
layer 3 - fabric
(the fabric layers should be right sides facing)
Pin the "sandwiches" together.  You should have a total of two separate "sandwiches".

Stitch all the way around both "sandwiches", using 1/4" seam allowance.
Leave the little end open.

This is what it will look like after you have sewn it.

Cut the corners on both pieces, as shown.

Trim the excess fabric on both pieces, as shown.

Now turn the entire thing through that little opening at the bottom.

You might want to give up about 20 minutes after you begin trying to turn this tie but DON'T.
Because just when you think it's going to be impossible, it will finally start pulling easier and you'll finish, I promise, the end will come!  Seriously!  You might even use a crochet hook to help you out but you'll get frustrated enough with this method that you might throw the hook across the room - just sayin'… don't be surprised if you have to look for your crochet hook on the other side of the room after you finish this sewing project.

Iron the tie.  It's so pretty!

There!  Now that both pieces are turned and pressed, they are laid out beside the pattern tie.  
You need the new tie to be the same length as your pattern tie.

Use the iron and press under the ends.
Slip one end into the other as shown below.
Make sure your length is correct and adjust before attaching.

Stitch.  Stitch several times.  Stitch well.

Now, you are all done!  Wasn't that easy and fun?
You almost forgot about the turning nightmare, didn't you?

Happy Bow-Tie Sewing!
Now go impress a man in your life!

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