Coke Crate Centerpiece

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I have a thing for old Coca-Cola crates.

I already had a few of these crates laying around the house.
This particular crate was holding small tubes of paint in my craft room.

I bought the sprigs, greenery, bells and candles at Hobby Lobby.

I already had the small mason jars.

2 inch candles.

These bells can be found in the "Mini Tree" section of Hobby Lobby.

Below is what it looks like without the huge mosaic candle.

 The mosaic candle was another old Christmas decoration that I had lying around the house. 
I love it in the center of the arrangement.  It adds much needed height to the piece.

I love how the tree and centerpiece are complimentary of each other

…and that's my new (thrifty) centerpiece that took less than a half hour to create!
Happy Decorating!
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