Easy Sew Drawstring PJs

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What you need:

2-3 yards of flannel fabric

1 inch elastic (measured to your waist size)

1.5 yards grosgrain ribbon

pattern (found below) or…

use your own by simply folding your favorite pj pants as shown and using them as a pattern.

Here's my homemade pattern, it's in a jpeg format and it's 8 pages.

Here's a link to each printable page:

page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4

page 5 page 6 page 7 page 8

I got this fabric at Hancock Fabrics. They have a great assortment of flannels.

I bought 2 yards for each pair of pjs but I'm 5'3" short and so are my daughters. You might need a little more fabric if you are making these in a larger or longer size.

2 - 2.5 yards will make a pair of small sized pajama bottoms (same as Gap or Old Navy size small)


1. Print your pattern and tape it together as shown above. Then cut it out.

Take your fabric and fold straight.

Then lay the straight edge of pattern along the folded edge of fabric.

(see below - my pattern was originally made on brown paper)

2. Take your pattern and turn it over and fold your fabric again, repeating the same cut with opposite side of pattern. After cutting, this is what you will have...
3. Take both pieces of fabric and open them up, place right-sides of fabric together as shown below.
4. With the two fabrics facing each other, sew along the curved areas shown below.
5. Now, open up your fabric and line up the pieces you just sewed in the center.

They will now look like a pair of pants. Sew the area shown below.

6. Measure around the waist, it will be huge, this one is 42.5"
7. Cut a strip of fabric that measures "waist measurement" by 2.5".
My fabric piece measured 42.5" x 2.5".
We are going to call this piece "the ribbon channel"

8. Fold long side at 1/4" and press, then do the same with both short ends. It will look like the above photo.
9. Sew down the two short ends.
10. Fold in waist of pants 1/4" and press.
11. Place the ribbon channel on top of the pants as show above, with the folded side flush with the top edge of band. Pin.
12. Sew all the way around on the bottom, unfolded side of the ribbon channel, this attaches it to the pants waist.
13. Fold the sewn ribbon channel down, as shown above.
14. Tuck the top portion of pants, above channel, inside pants. Press.
15. Make sure the inside piece is lower than the bottom of ribbon channel. Pin.
16. Now it's time to stitch. Stitch all the way around the bottom of the ribbon channel, making sure to sew the base of inner channel too.
This is what it should look like.
17. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon measuring 26" and cut elastic measuring 5".
18. Sew the elastic to ribbon as shown above then feed it through the ribbon channel.
19. Make a tack stitch in the elastic at back center seam, to hold it in place.
20. Try on pants and adjust ribbon to size of your waist. Tie it at correct measurement. Then stitch ribbon in place,as shown above.
21. Try on the pants again and mark desired length. Simply turn under 1/4" and sew around each leg, then turn under 1/4" again and sew to complete hem.

Finished! Aren't they adorable?

If you would like to make a simpler pair of pjs with elastic waist and no ribbon, click on photo below to go to my EASY SEW PJ PATTERN.




























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