Rub 'N Buff Gold Stencil

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My guest room is a cute, quaint little room with steep, slanted roof walls.  

It is a cute room but makes wall decor difficult.  I wanted to do something to accent the room.  The walls were already painted this neutral taupe-ish color.  The side walls are only 45 inches tall where they meet the ceiling so I decided to stencil the headboard wall.  I had already purchased this awesome stencil at "Me & Mrs. Jones", 
it's made by Royal Design Studio and it's called Antoinette Damask.  

I picked up a few tubes of "gold leaf" colored "Rub N Buff" at Hobby Lobby and I dove right in.  Yes, I used "Rub N Buff" instead of paint.  Let me warn you that if you decide to do this project, you MUST wear gloves and you must have a well ventilated room.  The fumes from this stuff made me HIGH AS A KITE. Seriously.  We had to close off the doors to the upstairs just to keep the fumes from being too overpowering downstairs.  It was crazy.  You could smell it when you walked in the front door but the smell dissipated after a few days.

I used a stencil spray adhesive to stick the stencil to the wall.  I started out using a stencil brush but my arms were screaming in pain and it was taking FOREVER to do it that way.  I found that using an old t-shirt rag worked much more effectively.  

I spaced the stencil more than the recommended pattern, purposefully.  It's really cool because it's a subtle stencil.  You can see it very well if the light is shining on it but it can almost blend in sometimes too. 

So there's my project.  It added a nice touch to the guest room.  I was careful to insure that I didn't have any guests scheduled for at least a week so the strong fumes could air out!

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  1. Nicole! Do you ever sleep? This is beautiful!

  2. I adore this room and your stencil is perfect! Thanks for sharing! Pinned this!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  3. Nicole this is fabulous! Thanks for using AMACO's Rub 'n Buff. I'd like to post this on our Facebook page at Rub 'n Buff Metallic Finishes. Can't wait to see what else you can do!