DIY Tag Along Tote

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Cute bag, huh?
I saw a bag like this on Pinterest and I downloaded the pattern (from a blog) for FREE.
I printed the pattern and made it.  It was pretty quick and easy.
The bag turned out really cute, as you can see!
This was all 2 months ago.
I started writing this post today, to share "my find" with you and
when I went back to the link, it had been removed
 The pattern is no longer available!  UGH!
I did some research and I found the pattern on Etsy, but it's not free.  SIGH.
I have gotten A TON of compliments on this bag and I absolutely love it.  
I think it's well worth $8 and it's a PDF download.  
Here's the pattern link...
ON A SIDE NOTE: I do not know the person who sells this pattern on Etsy, 
nor do I benefit from sharing this link with you in any way. 
Also, let me just state that I have not bought this pattern, 
 it just looks like the one I downloaded and made.  
Proceed at your own risk ;)

Here's my selfie shot.  Heehee.

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