Infinity Scarf

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Ooooh…I love this scarf!
I pinned an infinity scarf (like this) last week and then I made this one in a few hours over the weekend.
This is such an easy, quick project.
The only problem is that the pattern isn't in written form, it's a YouTube tutorial.
I attempted to write it out for my own records but it was way too time consuming so I gave up!
If I ever get around to finishing the written pattern, I'll attach it to this post.
For now, you can find the YouTube tutorial HERE.
Have fun with this one.  I plan on making several more in different colors.  
I might even combine colors and make one striped.

Let me go ahead and answer a few questions

I used 2 skeins of "Bamboo Spun" yarn - found at Hobby Lobby.
This is NAVY.
The weight of each skein was 3 oz.
I bought the yarn 1/2 price so I paid $5.49 total.
I used a "J" hook.
I made this scarf in 7 rows, rather than 10, because I wanted it to be thinner.

Pretty cute scarf for $5.49, huh?
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