How to Crochet a Four Leaf Clover

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How fun would it be to hand these out on St. Patrick's Day?
...OR pin one on your shirt on St. Pat's Day?
…OR make a green striped beanie with these attached? (Pattern coming next week!)
…OR make an adorable four leaf clover headband? (Pattern coming next week!)

These are so easy to crochet.  I like to be busy doing something even if I'm just watching television. So a few nights ago, I started crocheting these little cute clovers in front of the t.v. and before I knew it, I had a ton!  I came up with some cool ways to use them...  I'll be sharing those next week.
For now, here's the pattern…


Make a magic ring
Chain (ch) 1
Single Crochet (sc) into the ring 5 times.
Tighten the magic ring.
Slip stitch (sl st) closed at first sc.
In the first sc…
ch 1 
half double crochet (hdc), 
3 double crochet (dc)
(all of that was in the first stitch)
Now sl st into the second stitch and in the second stitch…
1 hdc
3 dc
1 hdc
Now for your STEM... sl st into the 3rd stitch, then ch 4, sc in 2nd and 3rd bumps from the hook, 
sl st back into the 3rd stitch
Now in the 4th stitch…
1 hdc
3 dc
1 hdc
Now sl st into the 5th stitch and…
1 hdc
3 dc
1 hdc
Sl st into first chain and tie off.


Here are the projects links that I posted using this tutorial…

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