Easy-Sew PJ Pants

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 I made 5 pairs of pajama pants in one afternoon last week!  Can you believe that?

What you need:
2-3 yards of flannel fabric
1/2 inch elastic (measured to your waist size)
pattern (found below) or…
 use your own by simply folding your favorite pj pants as shown and using them as a pattern.

Here's my homemade pattern, it's in a jpeg format and it's 8 pages.
Here's a link to each printable page:
page 1     page 2     page 3     page 4
page 5     page 6     page 7     page 8

I got my fabric at  They have a great assortment of flannels.  
I think most of these prints are by Riley Blake.  
I get no kickbacks from telling you that. is just a good fabric source, for your records.

I ordered 2 yards for each pair of pjs but I'm kinda short and so are my daughters so you might need a little more if you are making these in a larger or longer size.
2 - 2.5 yards will make a pair of small sized pajama bottoms (same as Gap or Old Navy size small)

1. Print your pattern and tape it together as shown.  Then cut it out.
Take your fabric and fold straight.  
Then lay the straight edge of pattern along the folded edge of fabric. 
(see below - my pattern was originally made on brown paper)

 2. Take your pattern and turn it over and fold your fabric again, repeating the same cut with opposite side of pattern.  After cutting, this is what you will have...
 3. Take both pieces of fabric and open them up, place right-sides of fabric together as shown below.
 4. With the two fabrics facing each other, sew along the curved areas shown below.
 5.  Now, open up your fabric and line up the pieces you just sewed in the center.
They will now look like a pair of pants.  Sew the area shown below.
 6. Now, turn the top edge of your waist under 1/4" inch and sew all the way around, then turn it down 3/4" and sew around again - leaving enough room for elastic to fit inside (about 1.5 inch gap).  
Do not sew completely closed.
 7. Leave a space to feed the elastic as shown below.
 8.  Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic (that has been cut to measure your waist size).
 9.  It is helpful to pin the opposite end at the waist just to keep it from slipping in and getting lost!
 10.  Now, feed the elastic through the entire band and after you bring it back out on the other side, unpin the other end and take those two elastic ends and sew them together, as shown below.

 11.  Close up the waist band opening by stitching along the gap, 
making it line up with your previous seam.
12.  Now, turn the hem of each leg under 1/4" and sew.
 13.  Then, turn it under again about 1/2" and sew all the way around.
 Turn them right-side out and put them on. They are finished!

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  1. Im BRAND new- and LoVE all these pictures! Im going to TRY!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Do you have size chart? I would love to make these for little girls for christmas

  3. What size is the pattern? I may have missed it but couldn't find a size in the post.

    1. The pattern is equivalent to a size small Gap/Old Navy pair of pajama bottoms. Hope that helps :)