Tufted Bench

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A Step by Step Guide - 

How to turn a Coffee Table into a Bench

I found this coffee table at a garage sale a couple of months back.  I intended on painting it and making it into a simple, cool coffee table BUT I decided to try something different.

This was my first experience with TUFTING and I really wish I had pulled the cord tighter so the buttons were deeper in the cushion but it was a learning experience and next time I'll make them tighter.  I still think it turned out lovely.

I bought my fabric at Premier Fabrics in Germantown, TN.  It has a nice, tight stripe that resembles an oxford shirt.  I love, love, love this fabric.  I'm doing the room in multiple shades of neutral cream colors and decided that this would be perfect.

I painted the base of the coffee table with ASCP Old White paint.  After it was dry, I distressed it and then finished it off using ASCP clear wax.

Now, for the UPHOLSTERY...
I got this foam cut specially at Johnson Fabrics in Bartlett, TN.  I had them cut it the size of the coffee table top with an added inch in length and width. I bought the 3" thick foam because this particular table was short.  I wanted to make the bench a little taller.  I also purchased some cording and an upholstery needle.  I used a burlap fabric for the covered buttons.  I thought it looked great with the stripe.  Here are the steps I used to make the tufted buttons...

First, I measured where I wanted the buttons.
I put a push-pin in each place where I wanted a button.
I used my upholstery needle to push through the foam at that exact spot and then made a mark on the underneath side of the foam using a sharpie marker.
Using that mark, I pushed the cord-threaded needle straight up through the foam and fabric.
I ran the cording through the button.
Then, pushed the needle back down through the foam, in the same place.  
After it was pulled through, I used a scrap piece of folded fabric under the foam to keep the knot from pulling through.  I tied it as tightly as I could and then repeated with the other 3 buttons.
After all the buttons were attached to the foam, I used straight pins to mark the edge of the fabric with the edge of the table... this gave me a guide so that when I turned the table upside down I knew where it was supposed to be placed on the fabric.  
This step kept the tufted buttons straight and evenly spaced on top.
I turned the table upside down and lined everything up.

 I started on the sides and pulled tightly and then using my staple gun, I stapled about every 2 inches.

 When I got to the ends of the table, I took the center and tacked in one staple.

 Then I pulled the sides in tight (as shown above) and then stapled.

 I pulled the remaining fabric straight up and stapled across the edge.

Then, I turned the table over and it was finished...

This is the first project that gives you a glimpse at my 
that I will be revealing later this month.

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