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Confession time... I did not like that bench I made from a coffee table. I wrote in my post that I thought the tufting wasn't tight enough.  I also kept looking at it and thinking "BLAH".  

This is what it looked like the first time around...

The former fabric was beautiful but just not quite the look I wanted for the bench.  I decided to take the entire thing apart. I removed the buttons (yep - I can use them somewhere else) and took out all the staples.  Look at the pile of staples!  Wow!  

I had bought this fabric to use for throw pillows on the bed - isn't it a great fabric?  It has that ikat look about it.  It's exactly what I wanted for the bench, a little pop of color that pulls the blues out of the other parts of the room.  It was much easier to cover this time because I didn't tuft anything.  I just pulled the fabric tight and stapled it using my staple gun.

A little trick... it was really square on the corners so I used the gun to make a tuck with a staple to give it a little form.  I pushed it in with my finger (centered) and without stapling my finger, I stapled it right there - I think it makes it look more "custom" for lack of a better descriptive word.

This is a finial from an old curtain rod that I loved. I repurposed it as a knob for the bench drawer.

Now I'm happy! 
I think it turned out great, even if it took a couple of tries to get it there!

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