Louise Chest of Drawers

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I found this beautiful antique at an Estate Sale recently. 

I didn't realize how old it was until I got it home and started cleaning it up.  After I removed the drawer pulls (that were hideous) I realized that there were only 2 original knob holes on each drawer.

Apparently, someone added a drilled hole for this gaudy gold hardware.  I assume that they were trying to make this look like a newer piece of furniture because I found locks on each drawer that were filled with wood putty and stained.

I wish, wish, wish it had the original work with key holes but I couldn't undo the redo without damaging the furniture so I left the locks all puttied up.
(above) after paint, before distressing...

I named her Louise. She reminds me of a piece of furniture from that my Great-Grandmother would have had in her house.  My Great-Grandmother, Louise was an amazing woman.  She was strong, loyal and loving.  She passed away when I was in my 20's.  I guess that's why this strong piece of furniture that looks like something she would own, had to have the name "Louise".

I recently took a Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Class. I took it at "Me & Mrs. Jones" in Midtown.  I love that shop, if you live near Memphis, you MUST go!  You MUST sign up for a class and meet those sweet gals at the shop.  They are amazing & oh so talented!  I learned a lot from the class and bought some milk paint, hemp oil and her new book.  The book was inspiring.  I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it!  I'm dying to play with the milk paint some more.  BUT... I decided to go with some duck egg and old white chalk paint for this project...ASCP of course.  I'm trying to make it all match up in a "NON-MATCHY" kinda way, if you know what I mean.  Anyway, I was so inspired by Miss Mustard Seed's book and LOVE all her furniture, I decided to borrow a page and leave the top of this piece unpainted. I really love the look.  I bought some glass knobs at Hobby Lobby- trying to keep it looking antique and authentic.

 I am loving this chest of drawers.  It is really pretty.  I think it will be an excellent addition to my new guest room.  I am storing an extra blanket or two in the drawers and leaving an empty drawer for visitors belongings.  There is a mirror that came with the piece but it wouldn't fit with the sloped ceiling so I removed it.  I'm sure I can come up with a repurpose for that one.

The top drawer had these wooden dividers and it was N-A-S-T-Y!  I used this awesome vinyl liner (that I found on sale at Jo-Ann's) to line the drawer.  The other two drawers are mint so I didn't have to do anything to them.

Another new technique that I learned at my class... how to use hemp oil.  I used Miss Mustard Seed's Hemp Oil as a finisher on the chalk paint too. I have used it on several projects lately.  I love the shine, it is the perfect amount, in my opinion and it's very easy to apply.

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