Weenie Dog Adventures

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The Adventures of a Weenie Dog

This is an unusual post for me... it has absolutely NOTHING to do with painting, sewing, cooking or crafting!  I was just looking at pics on the computer and cracking up over the many hilarious circumstances my dog finds herself in!

My ten year old came walking into my office with Cocoa dressed in a bra and panties...
Her ears are down and just look at the expression on her face... she's mortified!

We were taking Cocoa to the ball field for my daughter's game and I turned around and looked in the backseat. They had her buckled in just like a person, sitting up on her back haunches.

Cocoa loves to run around the pool while the kids are swimming and until her paws toughen up, she usually injures them at the beginning of every summer.  This summer my girls made her little booties using their hair bands and baby socks.

She gets to wear lots of American Girl clothes.

Doesn't she look like the princess she is?

We lit her up at Christmas and it made the best photo for our card.  I was involved in this one!

Yes, they tried to teach her to skateboard.  No, it didn't work.

Christmas Pajamas

A special seat in the packed car... can you say Road Trip?

Just a little humor to hopefully bring a smile to your face today :)

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  1. I am still laughing! I love the "are you serious" look she's giving while on the skateboard, clearly she is a lady. Thanks for sharing, awesome.

  2. We love our weenie dog too. Fortunately for him the kids are past the wanting to dress him up stage! Her look as a princess says it all!