My New Birch Painting

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Birch Painting

This is what I've been working on this week...
I guess I'll call it "Birch Trees"

When Steve & I were visiting Utah in September, I fell in love with these beautiful trees.  
I took some photos of them and decided I wanted to paint them. 
This week has been my first chance to paint a canvas instead of furniture!
The painting measures 24 x 30"and I just finished it this afternoon.  
I will probably buy a frame for it tomorrow. 
I can't decide if I will put this one in the studio (for sale) or if I'll hang it in my house.  
It's going to look so much better in a frame.  
I probably should have waited to post it until... 
I had a decent photo, it was framed 
and the paint was dry... 
but I was excited to show it off.  
I took this pic with my phone so excuse the quality.

 A photo of Steve & I at Montage in Deer Valley, UT

Here's one of the photos I took on a morning hike.  Aren't they gorgeous?
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  1. Nicole, this is so beautiful. You are so talented.