DIY Tutorial Panel Window Treatments

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 DIY Panel Window Treatment

These are so easy to make and yet they are quite impressive (if I do say so myself)
I made the gray window panels for my daughter's room but I also made some for a friend's master bedroom last week, using cream and black fabric for a very dramatic effect.  I apologize for the picture quality, she snapped these with her phone and texted them to me.

This is what you need for this project...

For a window that measures 40" (from trim edge to trim edge) wide by 100" (from top trim edge to floor)...

3 1/2  yards of fabric "A"
2 1/2  yards of fabric "B"
6 1/2 yards of liner fabric
Curtain Rod
Rings and Clips to hang panels on rod

First of all, you need to decide how large you want to make your panels.  I wanted mine to
cover the window (when pulled closed) although they would most often be pushed to the side causing a gathered look.  I hung the rod above the window and wanted the panels to barely graze the floor.

These were the measurements for my window -  40 x 100 (roughly from moulding to molding):
To make the gray chevron panels:

Cut 6 panels of Fabric "A" to measure 20.5" x 45"
Cut 4 panels of Fabric "B" to measure 20.5" x 45"

***If you are making the black and cream panel: 
you need 8 panels of fabric A 
and 6 panels of fabric B, 
each cut at 14.75" x 45"***

Alternate sewing the panels together with right sides facing each other until you have 5 panels (or 7 panels if you are making black and cream pattern).  Be sure to keep your pattern going in the same direction and consistent.

Now do the same with the remaining 5 (or 7) panels.  You should have two "striped" panels that measure about 103" x 45".

On each of those panels, press open all seam interfacings (where you sewed each panel together).

Next, cut fabric lining to match the exact size of each sewn panel.
With right sides facing each other, sew the lining and panel together along the sides and then trim the salvage edge.
Turn right side out.
Re-measure your panel with your window and adjust your hem accordingly.
Turn top and bottom edges in (as much as your measurements tell) and press with hot iron.
Sew top-stitch edge around the entire panel and voila your panel is done.

Add your clip rings (evenly spaced across top) and hang on the rod. Pin It Now!

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