An Organized Closet

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Have you seen "The Amanda's" on Style Network? 

It's a show about a girl named Amanda who has a company with a team of organizers. They all wear beautiful, stylish dresses with perfect nails and they build closet organizers in 4 inch heels. It's awesome! I really enjoy the show and I put a few of Amanda's rules to task this week... 

 First, let me start by saying that my sweet hubby built me this awesome closet last summer! He's so talented! I drew up a plan and he built it but I'm just now getting around to organizing it! 
DO NOT JUDGE ME! I like to shop & I love COACH purses. 
I just moved out all my winter stuff and started organizing my spring/summer clothes. Is there a neater way to clean out a closet? UGH! I'm just glad this is all cleaned up now! 

 Amanda says, "Replace those ugly wire hangers with sturdy wood hangers, they look better and will last longer" 

I installed "Huggable Hangers" because I prefer them to the wooden ones. They are so great because you can hang anything, even spaghetti strap shirts, and they will not slide off! Don't they look nice? 

Amanda says, "Display purses, jewelry or belts on the wall... it creates an interesting visual and helps you accessorize because you can see what you have." 

 I installed these decorative hooks for my belts... ...and this hook rack for my scarves. 

 Amanda says, "Line up shoes toe-heel so you can see the entire shoe" 

Of course, I don't have the shelf space to do this with all my shoes but I did it in the hanging shoe holders when possible. 

 Amanda says, "Categorize by color and type of clothing" because this helps you see what you have. 

 I really like my closet arranged by color... great idea! 

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