DIY Table Runner Tutorial

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I made this table runner to match the window treatment (tutorial will be posted later for that project) and it was really easy.  I think it took less than 2 hours.  

I purchased this fabric at PREMIER FABRICS...  They have everything from trendy patterns to traditional and their prices are UNREAL!  
Here's a link to their webpage...

The following directions will make a runner that is 102" x 17".

So, here's what you need...

*2 Coordinating Fabrics... 1 yard of each
*Liner Fabric (I used white cotton)...3 yards
*Sewing Machine
*Iron & Ironing Board


#1  CUT one of the coordinating fabrics into 4 pieces... sized 18" x  24"
#2  CUT the other coordinating fabric into 5 pieces... sized 18" x 24"

#3  Sew the 18" side of the two unmatched fabrics together, with print sides facing each other.
#4 Continue to sew the 18" side of the unmatched fabrics together, as seen above, until you have sewn together all nine panels.

#5 Lay the sewn panels face down on white lining fabric and then cut the white fabric so that they are the exact same size.

#6 Sew the panels to the white liner, sewing along the long sides, leaving the ends open.
#7 Turn the panels through one of the open ends.
#8 Turn the ends toward the inside and press them.
#9 Then closely stitch at the edge of the fabric on both ends in order to close the ends.

***TIP: Press your fabric seams after you sew them!***

And now you have a beautiful TABLE RUNNER made by YOU!

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  1. Nicole, you make it look and sound so easy! Your runner is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the "how to" info.
    I'll be following your blog on Linky.

  2. Thank you so much! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. I know you saved a lot of money making this yourself, especially since table runners are hard to find for longer tables like yours. You did a wonderful job to make something customized for your home. Thanks for the tutorial for all of us to make our own. I appreciate you visiting us over at Your Cozy Home Party!

  4. Hi, Nicole

    What a lovely table runner. I so enjoyed looking around your lovely blog. I found your blog from My simple home life link party. Love for you to stop by

    Happy Mother's Day.


  5. I love your table runner! Absolutely love the fabrics you selected.

    Just found your blog from the Simple Home Life link party.

    Have a great weekend and a good Mother's Day.

  6. Great tutorial! I'll be liking to it in my Fall Newsletter for Frugal Alternatives for Home Decor.

  7. Great tutorial! I'll be liking to it in my Fall Newsletter for Frugal Alternatives for Home Decor.