Frayed Rosette Wreath Tutorial

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I made this wreath today using some fabric remnants from a recent project.  I love this fabric!  I originally used it to slipcover a couple of chairs and accent some window treatments.  I had quite a bit of it left over so I decided to cover a wreath and then make some rosettes as accents.  

I started by making the rosettes for the wreath... I cut 9 strips of fabric measuring 2" x 16".
To make the first rosette...I folded it in half (maintaining length) and I tied a knot in one end.
 That knot makes the "rosette" center of the flower.
 Then, I simply rolled the fabric down the strip.
 Continued to roll the fabric
 while adding glue from my hot glue gun, every few inches.
 This made a pretty small rosette as you can see in the above picture.
 I made some with the fray side showing (above right) and the folded side showing (above left)
 Then I decided I wanted a BIGGER rosette so I pieced my strips together... at the end of one rosette, I glued in a new strip and just kept rolling... as demonstrated in the 3 photos below.  You can also just cut your strips of fabric longer but since mine were already cut, I pieced them together.

 The center rosette is the doubled one.  I made several in different sizes and then...
 I started covering an 18 inch straw wreath.  I just took some strips of scrap fabric and started wrapping them around the wreath, using floral pins to hold it in place.  
 I kept all the floral pins on the back side of the wreath.
 Then I used the glue gun to attach the rosettes.  I tried to use floral pins first but as you can see, they wouldn't go through the thick rosettes... they bent like twigs and I'm pretty sure I'll have bruised finger tips  from trying to push them through!

 And here is the finished product...

Where do I find that fabric?

I got this fabric at Premier Fabrics in Germantown, TN.  

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  1. Hi Nicole! L.O.V.E. this wreath! I'm a huge ticking fan and I might have a slight addiction to wreaths. :~) Hope you don't mind, but I'm totally stealing this idea to make as Christmas gifts for my girlfriends. Stopping by and newly following from Wow Us Wednesdays. Thanks for sharing this! ~Mary