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Another ASCP Furniture Makeover...

So, my friends have started asking me if I'm working for Annie Sloan's company now or something!???!!?
But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this paint and lately I've been talking about it A LOT!

These tables were veneer covered compressed wood stuff (for lack of a better word)... the kind that you can't sand and that you can't get regular paint to "stick to"...



I put two coats of ASCP "Old White" on them, sanded them and waxed them...

EASY PEASY!  SERIOUSLY!  I think they turned out just beautiful!

Notice, I distressed one of them a little more than the other.  I can't decide which one's my favorite!

 My magazine tray fits perfectly inside the table.  I think these turned out really sweet. 

You can order ASCP online at
Annie Sloan's website is...


I can't wait to show you what I painted this weekend... I have to distress and sand it today.  It's CHEVRON and it's painted with (of course) ASCP!  It was a $5 garage sale find and might be my favorite one yet!

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