Retro High Back

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I found this piece at a garage sale for $35 but I got it for $25.
It's full of character. It makes me think of Frank Lloyd Wright.
I went with Duck Egg ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) on this one.
It smelled RIPE inside, I'm talkin' get out the baking soda, vinegar, candles and then sit the thing outside to air out. Whew! It kinda made me wonder what was stored in that cabinet!
I used a foam roller on this because there are so many flat, straight areas - it was fast and easy to paint.
You can see (above) the paint is still wet.

This is Retro all finished. I'm happy with it. I don't really have anything else in this style. I had considered changing the legs and hardware to make it more french country but decided against it. I wanted to preserve the era and nothing screams late 50's - early 60's like those angled, metal prong legs.



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