Art Room Wall Mural

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I just thought I'd share a recent project with you.
I painted a mural on the wall in our elementary art room at church.
The theme of this room is an outdoor park 
so I decided to paint a flower garden on the walls and supply cabinets.

First, I got out my colored pencils and sketched a rough draft of what I wanted to paint.
I always like to have a picture to look at it when I'm painting, as a guide.

I used chalk to sketch my flowers on the wall.
Chalk sketching allows me to plan and layout the design before I start painting. 
It ensures that everything is well proportioned and spaced out, 
plus it's easy to wipe off and start over if I don't like something.

I paint all the color on flowers first and then come back with black and white accents and outlines.

Above, you can see the flowers on the left side without outline and highlights. 
I had already started accents on the right side.

And then, below, you can see that wall as I finished it.  
This photo was before we tore out the carpet and put in new baseboards.

Below, I painted the supply cabinets on the opposite wall, in hopes that they would blend in with the decor theme of the rest of the room.

Here's another photo of the completed room…

 I will be posting tutorials on the window box valences and fabric kites in the next week or so.

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