Mix, don't match your pillows

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No more matching!

With the purchase of a new sofa comes new pillows!
That's always been my motto.  
I NEVER keep the pillows that come with a sofa.
It's way to easy to make a room look like a custom designed space just by using a few yards of fabric.
Plus, it only takes a couple of hours to sew your own pillows.  
I have a great PILLOW TUTORIAL here.
Back in the day (ahem, ahem - before last year), 
we wanted fabrics to match but NO MORE!
If you want your den, hearth room, bedroom to have an updated look…

And make these easy slip pillow covers so you can change them out whenever you want!

Looking for a source for pillows?
You can find great wholesale pillow forms at Pillow Cubes

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