Hinged canvas

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Seriously? This wall is RUINED by an OFF CENTERED thermostat! Sometimes I wonder what builders and contractors are thinking when they do stuff like this?!???

Very frustrated, I've been trying to come up with a solution and I found one. I bet you can never guess where I found this idea. PINTEREST. No big shock there, huh?

Here's a link to the site that gave me this lovely idea...

So, I attached these simple hinges to my canvas (pictured above).

Then, I attached the hinges to the wall.

I had to add a little Velcro to keep the canvas from floating off the wall on that right side! I rubbed a little burlap on the Velcro to make it less strong. I didn't want to pull the Velcro off each time I pulled back the canvas. That did the trick.

I took this photo in France in June. I turned a simple photo into canvas art. I'll share the DIY on that project soon.

Here's a shot of that wall from the living room. It looks soooo much better.

I am very pleased with this project.

Thanks to for a great idea!









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