Serger Cleaning

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Cleaning your Serger

When I first saw some serger videos and photos (before I got mine), I was astonished at the amount of lint and dust inside EVERY SINGLE ONE! I was a bit appalled, to be honest!  I thought, "Why don't these people take better care of their machines?" I had no idea that they become covered in lint after every serging project and they are impossible to keep clean!

Sergers cut and stitch at the same time so there's an enormous amount of "junk" in your machine!  I tried to vacuum mine using my little hand held vac but the opening was just too wide so there wasn't enough suction to move a fiber of string.  I decided I would just order a tiny sewing machine vacuum but after I read the reviews, I found that none of them were great.  I also read negative comments about aerosol spray cans and how BAD they can be for a serger because they only force the lint and fuzz into the machine further so what to do???!!!?  I looked at keyboard cleaners and other options at office supply stores, I even looked at a couple of different sewing machine shops but I couldn't find anything.  Then I saw this handy little shop vac at Walmart.
SHOP VAC $19.99


It is the perfect size for my serger and craft room!  I bought the (above) package of small attachments to go along with it.  I must say that this thing is ideal.  Just look at the before and after photos...

I can easily vacuum the inside of my serger, making it look like new and knowing that I'm prolonging it's life.

I can also use the vac to clean up after all kinds of craft projects.  It even operates as a wet vac although I haven't had to use it for that yet... I'm sure that opportunity's right around the corner, knowing my luck :)

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