Serger 101

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Happy Birthday to me!  I got this awesome serger for my birthday.  I thought I'd write a couple of posts about my serger and the helpful information I found online that assisted me in threading the machine and knowing all the ins and outs.
First of all, I wanted this machine for making cloth napkins and hem work easier.  I wasn't exactly sure how it worked but I love to sew and thought it would be a helpful addition to my sewing room.  After some research, I figured out that I wanted the Brother 1034D.  It wasn't too fancy or too basic and seemed to do everything I needed.  I sent my husband an email with the link to the serger… made it really easy for him to order it for my birthday… smart girl ;)
Then I waited.  The serger came in on Friday but my birthday wasn't until Monday.  My husband and kids wouldn't even let me open the box and look at the Users Manual.  So, I watched Youtube videos and blog tutorials on how to thread the serger and the different techniques that I could use.  I was starting to seriously DOUBT my decision to buy the machine because I was reading about lots of problems.  
I read a lot of info online about how difficult it was to thread!
I also read about how to remove the needle and thread finger to do a rolled hem.  I didn't even know what a rolled hem was - needless to say, I was a little concerned.  Why did I want a serger in the first place?  I knew nothing about them!!!  I got busy...  I read and marked all kinds of helpful blogs and youtube links and pinned them on my 
The morning after my birthday party, I set aside several hours for threading and figuring out the machine.  But fortunately I had discovered some great resources that helped and explained things so well that I sewed my first serger seam with no problems.  I removed the stitch finger and needle, rethreaded the machine and tried a rolled hem - PERFECTION!  I got out a stack of fabric and an hour later, I had a pile of fabric napkins.

Here's a link to the most helpful video I found on Youtube about...
I also found this tutorials about doing a rolled hem…

Since my birthday (3 weeks ago) I have made 6 sets of cloth napkins, 6 infinity scarves, a poodle skirt (for my daughter's 50s day at school) and a couple of maxi skirts.
I am so happy with my decision!
I will be posting several tutorials in the coming days about making items using the Brother 1034D.

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  1. Thank you so much for this site! I got a serger over a year ago and have been too scared to try it after reading all the posts and listening to friends tell horror stories. Will be busting the thing out and working on projects!
    Thanks again!

  2. I ordered the Brother as a birthday present to myself. I want to learn how to make sweatshirt jackets. Will be reading more info from your site. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. I had the worst time threading my to the point I was about to send it back. However, with a lady sewer that had one but not my Singer serger gave me knowledge but I walked away feeling disappointed as she couldn't help me enough, after 3 hours and she asked for the full fee. I went home tried the CD, still confused, I went back to Youtube and found how to tread the machine I had and lots of tips on things I hadn't done and then how to actually match the colors. Which the booklet is all in red and you have no idea which string goes where. Anyway it sewed and I was so excited. I did up two blankets. Now I am thinking of doing my napkins and I wanted to do a fancy design and use my SIL's sewing machine, but I think I might just use my serger instead. Thanks for sharing your above idea. I think they turned out great.

  4. What type of fabric did you use on the checkered napkins and what is your favorite fabric to use? Like so many wanted a serger have a baby lock now but a little scared to use it.... So I want to thank you for taking time to answer my questions. Love your work.