Annie Sloan Chalk Painter

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Annie Sloan Chalk Painter

I thought I'd share my ASCP painted furniture portfolio from the past year.  I have painted many things and learned A LOT about this amazing paint in the process.  I have tried different techniques and have discovered my favorite ways to use it.  Come along on this journey with me as we look at my ASCP projects along with my rookie painting tips.  If you want to read more details on a project, click on the photo to go directly to the post.

My very first ASCP project... painting bathroom cabinets. 
Way to dive right in, Nicole!  Right?  
I must admit that it's probably not a great idea for your first experience to be on such a big project but honestly, there were no problems and they turned out beautiful.  
That's a testament to this paint and how easy it is to use!

This is the mirror I bought at Lowes and painted to match the bathroom cabinets.

I got this coffee table for $15 at a garage sale.  It's been in my living room since I painted it.

Breakfast tray... I branched out from "Old White" and used some "French Linen" on this project.

Back to "Old White" again, these matching end tables turned out amazing.  I snagged them for $15 (for the pair) at a Garage Sale.

This was an interesting project.  My husband didn't agree with me on this purchase even though I got it for $5 at YET another garage sale.  It was really ugly and hollow but after I painted it using "Coco and Paris Grey" and bought these awesome baskets at Target, it was one of our favorites!

This was an old teacher's desk that I revived and now sits in my office.  I love the artsy feel of this one.  My office is in my art studio so it fits in perfectly with it's rebellious distressing.  This one is painted with Graphite.

This little side table is so cheerful.  I love Arles.  It's the prettiest shade of yellow.  This was (of course) another garage sale find.

Ahhh... the project that put my blog on the map!  I painted my grandmother's old piano and LOVE LOVE LOVEd the results, as did a lot of readers.  This project turned out just beautiful and is very special and dear to me!

This bed was Steve's grandparents bed for many years.  We inherited it after their passing.  It is now my daughter's bed and I love everything about it.  Especially the spindle posts.  I think the graphite compliments it perfectly.

This was my first attempt with stencil using ASCP.  I did the drawer facings on my daughter's dresser using Paris Grey.  It compliments the Graphite painted bed perfectly.

This sweet magazine rack was my second stencil project.  The rack was painted using "Creme" and the stenciled side is done with "Old White".

I was sooooo excited to find this card catalog AT A GARAGE SALE.  Did I mention how EXCITED I was when I found this?  I used duck egg with a dark wax.  I LOVE this one!

 This is the island in my friend's kitchen... I painted it using Provence.  It was a fun project and turned out absolutely beautiful!
My baby girl helped me paint this using "Pure White" - she did a great job.  It was a great addition to her room.

Cute little spindle table.  Honestly, it's not my favorite project that I've done.  I'm not sure why - maybe it was the mildew???  I used "Creme" and "Paris Grey" on this one.  

This was my "Bob the Builder" phase.   I got real busy with power tools and made a ton of these trays... very empowering ;) I love love love this photo.  It's a fun shot of the various paint colors and drawer pulls I used.

Ugly lingerie chest turned paper storage with a little help from "Provence".  This one is sitting pretty in my art room.

The Chicken Wire Armoire - I loved this armoire and would have kept it if only I had a place for it.  I used "Old Whte" on the outside and "Coco" on the inside.  I replaced the door panels with chicken wire.  Did I mention that I LOVE-ed this armoire?

Another love affair - right here - this table was so beautiful!  I LOVE this table!!! I used graphite (tinted to almost black) and old white.  I even painted the original drawer pulls with ASCP.

Provence chair with dark wax.  I got the fabric for the seat at Premiere Fabrics in Germantown.  This chair was another garage sale find.

Memphis City Schools old teacher's desk - SOLID as they come!  I used "Florence" on this with a dark wax.  I stripped and stained the wood on top and kept the original wooden hardware.

These are currently sitting pretty in my living room.  I  painted matching side tables and stenciled the drawer facings.  They are sweet.  I really love the way they turned out.  The tables are painted in "Old White" with the stencil in "Duck Egg"

Got this one on Craig's List.  It is the perfect armoire for my daughter's "graphite" bed.  I got the hardware at Hobby Lobby.  This piece turned out really sweet.

Aside from the piano, this is probably the most chatted-up item on my blog at the moment.  I don't know if it's because it's my most recent piece of furniture or if it's because it is drop dead gorgeous - which it definitely is.  I used duck egg with old white on the inside.  It has inspired me to tackle the old side board (currently in my garage) and use the same color scheme.  This belonged to my husband's great aunt.  I simply love this pie safe.  It's precious in many ways.

So, what's to come?  Ahhhh... if you could only take a peak at my garage right now.  I have so many pieces out there and I'm not EVEN kidding.  You honestly wouldn't believe it so I won't even try but there are beds, armoires, sideboards, wash stands, coffee tables, rocking chairs, shelving...  I could go on and on.  Lots of new painting adventures for this year.
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