DIY Jute Coasters

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Good coasters are hard to find.

When I was visiting my parents in North Carolina (over the holidays), 
my Mom gave me this huge ball of jute that she brought back from India.  
I was very excited because I LOVE jute!
I got out my "H" crochet hook and chained 200.  
If you don't know how to chain, it is the very easiest stitch EVER and you can watch many video tutorials by googling "how to crochet chain stitch".  It will take you 5 minutes (max) to learn it.

So, here's what my chain looked like after 200.

They sell these awesome cork coasters at Hobby Lobby for $2.77.  They are perfect for this craft.

Start out by making a little circle swirl at the end of your chain.
Then, put a huge glob of hot glue on the center of the coaster.  
This is the starting point.  
Just follow it around with hot glue, turning the coaster as you go.  
It's really easy except that you might burn yourself on the glue.  
I always burn myself when I use my glue gun!

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  1. This is such a brilliant idea. Just need to learn how to crochet :)