Black and White Burlap Wreath

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(I found all of these at Hobby Lobby)

18 inch foam wreath
2 rolls of 6" natural burlap
1 roll of 6" black burlap
black & white gingham burlap ribbon
floral pins

Begin by wrapping the entire foam wreath in burlap - twice.

Cut 4 strips of natural burlap measuring 7" x 6"
Cut 4 strips of black burlap measuring 7" x 6"

To make the rosette, fold the strip into thirds, overlapping (as pictured above)

Place a floral pin in the center, attaching it to the wreath.

Pinch the two sides and cross the ends then place another pin into the wreath.

Continue to make the rosettes as shown and arrange them, I placed one natural rosette above 4 black rosettes and then placed 3 additional natural rosettes underneath the black ones.  I placed the gingham bow below all of the rosettes but you can arrange them anyway you like.
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  1. Hi, Nicole

    I love your wreath. Beautiful and I am going to try some of your ideas.

    Have a great weekend.