Newsprint Nails

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Newsprint Nails

My 12 year old daughter saw this online and begged me to try it so we followed the instructions and they turned out really cute.  She's a huge Harry Potter fan so rather than using newspaper print, we used some review pages (extra pages in the back) of her favorite Harry Potter book and we made sure there were key words like "Harry", "Phoenix" & "Rowling" in the pieces we used.  

Paint clean nail with a nude or light colored polish then allow polish to completely dry.
Next, dip fingernail in rubbing alcohol (completely covering) and soak for 5 seconds.
Take your newspaper or newsprint and hold it on to wet nail for 10 seconds.
Pull away the newsprint and it will leave the writing imprinted on the nail.  
Repeat alcohol and newsprint steps on your remaining nails.
Then put a clear coat of polish over nails...  this step is very important or the first time you wash your hands, the print will wash off!

This is my 10 year old's design for her toes :)
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  1. Such a fun idea and it turned out great!
    She's got such cute toenails too!!