Playing With Unexpected Color

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Have you discovered 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then this blog post is going to make your day.

Chairish is a really cool vintage marketplace, 
think flea market, where people can sell stuff or buy stuff
not only online but in stores across the country.
They have new stuff, old stuff...  
I love their unique items!
I am super excited to have found this site
because I am embarking on a new 
decorating project and this site has given me a ton of inspiration.
It's got me thinking a whole lot about COLOR!

I've always loved colors.  
As a matter of fact, I think that's why I love decorating and design so much.
Color has the ability to change our feelings and mood.
Color ultimately "sets the stage" of a room.

Color can be cold.
Color can be warm.
Color can be bold, bright, happy, sad…
Color evokes emotion.

Color can be UNEXPECTED and that's when things get fun!

I have a new sofa that just arrived last week, and my walls are currently covered in 2 foot squares of various paint sample colors.  I have fabric swatches everywhere as I try to decide the direction in which I want to go.  The sofa is gray so the possibilities are endless.  I'm thinking about really stepping out of the box and painting one of the walls peacock green and then accessorizing with bright yellow.
In my latest search for color and decor ideas, I found a whole lot of inspiration at "Chairish"
I love, love, LOVE the style of this place!  
This is the color chart from Chairish that has inspired me thus far:

Gray can feel cold, am I right?
I love gray in decor but it can definitely have a cool feel.
But when it's mixed with these peacock shades, it transitions the gray from cool to spa-like serenity.
The deeper peacock shades are so elegant and dramatic, in my opinion.  
The gray intensifies the darker shade of green. 
This Peacock - Dove color scheme is definitely what I'm going with in my new space.

The Chairish color-graphics have me thinking of all kinds of color changes in my home.
Here's what I'm thinking...

Now that Labor Day is behind us, everything is turning up PUMPKIN, am I right?
I'm super excited for FALL, it's my favorite season and I go ALL OUT with decorating.
I have found that the easiest way to do this is by adding touches of fall COLOR to my home!
I add unexpected orange all over the house.
Look at these awesome accent pieces (below) and think of how they could create a fall feel to any room.  Then think outside the box and imagine having these colors mixed in with your decor any time of year.  If you really want to have fun with it, try this exercise…

Sit back and look around the room you are currently sitting in, imagine some touches of peach and tangerine.  Can you incorporate these colors into your space?  If these colors don't work, which other colors might you add?  

One of my favorite ways to re-decorate or spruce up a space is to make small color changes.
It's amazing how much you can change a room by simply 
painting a wall or adding a colored lamp to a table.  
But have you ever added an "off-color" to a room?
An "off-color" is an accent color that doesn't necessarily "fit" in a room.  
A surprise in color might be just what your room needs!

I love these color pairings from Chairish.  Do they inspire you to make unexpected color changes?

Any ideas yet?

By the way, Chairish has not compensated me in any way for this post.
I am truly loving this site and its content.  I love their blog and I love their store.
So, there you go.  I hope you have found some color inspiration.
Let me know if you make any unexpected changes!
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