Old Metal Crate

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I found this old crate at the antique store last week and thought I could surely find a place for it. It's just so cool. I have no idea why certain items (like this) grab me and demand to be bought, but they always do. I decided to put it under an end table for added substance and storage in my living room.

I love magazines, especially decor journals, but I struggle with a space for them. I revisit these decor articles for years so I don't love the idea of throwing them away! I thought this case would be the perfect container for my magazines.

Magazines can become heavy when they're multiplied and stacked. I didn't want to scratch my hardwoods while pulling out the basket to peruse periodicals, so I came up with a solution. I cut strips of self adhesive felt and stuck it on the bottom.

Gotta run... Those magazines are calling my name to sit down with a cup of coffee and rediscover my favorite articles.



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