The Official Mustache Bash

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Mustache Bash Party Pics

This will be my final post about MUSTACHES!  The big party was a huge success and I highly recommend this theme for any kind of party.  The possibilities are endless!!! 

I promised you all pics from the party and here they are!

Balloons & Birthday Banner

These aren't special mustache balloons, I just stuck vinyl mustaches on plain old balloons.  I thought they turned out really cool.

You can find the link to the Birthday Banner Tutorial here

Doggie Mustache

Hey, I know it's a really bad picture but it's hard to snap a photo of Cocoa without her moving!  I just wanted to show you that the kids put a mustache on Cocoa too.  It didn't last long, she tried to eat it. 

Mustache Cupcakes

I got plain vanilla and chocolate cupcakes at Gigi's Cupcakes and then I added the mustaches.  
I made them using a mold I bought here on Etsy.

Party Entry

Here's the entrance to the party featuring some more mustache balloons and my birthday board.  You can find my post about how I made the board here.

Party Favors

Here's a link to the post about Party Favors.

Dress-Up Games

Here's a link to the post about Photo Booth Props.

Pin the Mustache on Natalie GAME

I enlarged a photo of Natalie to 18 x 24 and then they played a game of PIN THE TAIL using a mustache.  I love this photo of her, I took it over the summer and it was perfect for the mustache game.


Here's the link to my post about the invitations and all the fonts I used and the various details.

The Table

I used an idea I found on Pinterest... I bought a roll of gift wrap and used it as a table runner.  It was really cute!  I got the adorable straws on Etsy here.  They are like old-fashioned paper straws and how cute are the pink and white stripes?  I got the straw mustaches at Hobby Lobby.

 Roses for the Birthday Girl

I have a tutorial posting next week about how to arrange roses so that they don't move after you put them in the vase... it's a quick, easy trick!

The EXTRAS... Party Nails & Pendant

I ordered these nail decals here.  Aren't they cute?  
They are really easy to apply... just little vinyl nail stickers.

I got the pendant here.  It's so cute :)
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  1. Looks to me like you and the party girl and guests had a blast! Thank you for sharing....
    LOVE mustaches.....


  2. Other than the party looking fabulous, I am sure it was a lot of fun!!

  3. LOVE IT! we had a mustache bash for my dad's 60th not long ago and it was super fun!
    Hope you'll consider sharing this at our link party. We're just starting it back up and are trying to get the word out!

  4. Very cute ideas. Thanks for sharing! Love the cupcakes!