Summer Camp Tips & Packing List

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Summer Camp Tips & List


Well, it's that time of year again & this year my girls are busier than ever.  My oldest daughter will be gone from home 6 of the next 8 weeks... INSANE! Two of those weeks are vacations with our family but the other 4 weeks are at various summer camps.  She just finished her first camp week and I've been busy washing laundry and repacking.  I came up with a master list to help with this daunting task.  I HATE PACKING!
Here's the master packing list... 
(warning this is for girls but can be adapted)

Apparently there are some really smart moms out there! I noted the last few years that a lot of the kids were bringing plastic drawer units to camp (instead of suitcases).  So this year, I went out and bought a couple... one for each kid.  I have snacks and toiletries in top drawer.  Undies, PJ's & Socks in 2nd drawer and the two bottom drawers hold shirts and shorts.  It's genius (I can say that cause it's not my original idea).  I'm taking a huge tote with their bedding and will leave that with them as a bag to store dirty laundry.  I think it's a fool-proof system & since you can remove the drawers, it's not too heavy to carry the entire unit.  "I'm so happy of myself!"

Now, you know I can't just send them with a plain ole white plastic drawer unit.  My husband asked me if I was going to let the girls decorate them?  I said, "NO WAY! I'm going to decorate them!"  I got out the Silhouette Cameo and made a couple of labels... nothing too fancy... a monogram for the top and a name for the drawers... after all I don't have much time between the laundry and multiple trips to Target.

I hope these tips help you with any camp or vacation trips you might be taking this summer!  Have fun and try not to miss those kiddos too much ;)

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  1. Great idea! Love the way you personalized them, too! My daughter is currently away at camp...we used totes this time. Have to try this for the next time. Thanks for sharing! :-)