Gold Foil Word Pillow - Pillow Instructions

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If you read my blog at all, then you know how much I love throw pillows.  I have shared tutorials before but I put a different spin on this one.  I will be walking you through the process, once again.  I will also direct you (in detail) on how to add GOLD FOIL to the pillow.  This is such a fun project and it's really fast.  I made two of these pillows in less than 2 hours and that includes taking photos for the tutorial. 

For this project, I used synthetic down pillow inserts from Pillow Cubes.  
These pillows measure 17" x 13".  

Our first step, is to cut the fabric.  
The FORMULA (below) is the easiest way to figure out your cutting measurements...

(Height of pillow) + (1/2 inch)
(Width of pillow) x2 + (7 inches)

My pillow measures 17”(h) x 13”(w)

In order to sew a covering for a pillow that measures 17" x 13"
this is how you'll calculate using the above formula...
(17") + (1/2 inch) = 17 1/2 inches
(13")x2 = 26 + 7 inches = 33 inches

Cut fabric to measure 17 1/2 inches x 33 inches

Then... you turn under the short edges 1/4" and sew
then turn under again 1/4" and sew again.  
Do this on both short ends.

Next step, with right sides facing each other, 
fold fabic to the size of the pillow 
with an overlap (that will be about 6 inches)
Then pin the outer edges and sew, as shown in diagram…

 Now, turn the pillowcase back to "right-side" out.  Push out the corners with a blunt edge
(like a ruler or scissor handle)
and place the covering on your pillow.
This is what the back opening looks like…

And that's how you make an envelope pillow cover.

Now, let's move on to the GOLD FOIL portion of the tutorial HERE.

***Disclosure:  I was compensated with 2 free sample size pillows for this project by Pillow Cubes.  The opinions expressed are my honest opinions and were not swayed by these free products.
You can read more about my Disclosure policy here.***

I'm so happy to have discovered Pillow Cubes. They have many different types and sizes of pillows. Their shipping was very fast and the prices are GREAT.  If you have shopped for high quality, down pillows, you know they can be very pricey.  I am happy to have found a new supplier.  So, check them out.  You won't be disappointed!  Here's the link to their website...
Pillow Cubes 

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