Demolition and Remodel Update

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As promised, here are photos of the current remodel project.

This is the Hearth Room BEFORE

This is the Hearth Room after demolition.

This is the Hearth Room from the Kitchen BEFORE

This photo shows where the ISLAND was BEFORE

The photo below was taken before the island was removed.

After ISLAND was removed

This was the laundry room before wall frame was torn down.

 Wall is gone! That's my washer and dryer under the drop cloths.

This is the mudroom plan.

They moved my dryer into the new laundry area today so that I can wash and dry clothes!
I never thought I'd be so excited to do laundry.
The washer is still located in the old laundry room location 
because water lines are still connected there.  
Power has all been moved to the new laundry room so the dryer is in now that room.  
I just have to make a short walk (through a couple of rooms) from 
washer to dryer when a load is ready to transfer.  
It's all very exciting!!!!
More updates and details to come!

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